Different Reasons Including Stress That can Cause Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

There are different reasons as to why many people get the drugs and alcohol addiction.  One of the people who are prone to the addiction are people suffering from the anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and any other mental illnesses can be addicted to alcohol to ease their suffering.  The use of drugs and alcohol suppresses the pain, and in the process, you can be addicted to the use of these drugs so that you can forget the suffering.  Mental illnesses are very scary for those people facing the problem and sometimes they can be afraid to go and seek help from the doctors or even the family members and instead turn to the drugs and alcohol to try and ease the pain and also try to solve the problem on their own.  The drugs will suppress the pain, and you will forget that you have a problem temporary and in the process because of the good feeling you will be addicted to using the drugs so that you can have the same good feeling.

The other reason is that people see family members, role models, friends or even entertainers as their role models and using the drugs and alcohol will make them think that they can too.  The content of the entertainment that people are watching in today's world is full of references to drug users, and this can encourage many people to start the fantasy thinking that it is trendy, and in the process they will be addicted to the lifestyle of drugs and alcoholism.  Addiction can start from the family level, and if a family has an addiction, chances are there will be more people from the family who can be pulled into the addiction thinking that it is a good lifestyle. Know that stress can lead to treatment in a drug rehab !

 Boredom makes both young and adults to start abusing drugs.  Sometimes because they are idol they might want to try something new and something that they feel will be exciting and so they start to consume alcohol and drugs as an alternative.  Others use the drugs thinking that it will relieve them of their stresses.  Using drugs and alcohol can be as a result of one being stressed and feeling helpless and out of control over some issue that is disturbing you. To gain more knowledge about stress management, go to http://www.ehow.com/facts_5612348_causes-stress-organization_.html .

Some prescriptions from the doctors can make one feel ok as they assume the prescription is from the doctors anyway and so there is no harm in using them.  Do not use drugs that have been described to other people by their doctors as it can become an addiction.
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